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I was a happy camper to be told by a nutritionist that there is hope for the roll above and the padding below my waistline.

First thing that will have to go is my daily glass of wine.


Even so, it won’t be a quick fix. Let’s face it. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

In the meantime, I’m stuck with swim suits that are –

  • Too small.

  • Too tight.

  • Too uncomfortable.

And it’s summer. Plus, there’s a rather nice pool right here.

I hate having to buying a bigger size.

I’m praying it’s temporary.

But if I wanted to be comfortable and not look like Porky Pig in a string bikini, I had to go shopping.

I’d seen this lovely white tankini with huge yellow and blue flowers the previous day. While strolling with the Captain to a Wine tasting.

I prudently sipped one small sip each of a white and a red. Wine tasting is not conducive to fighting aforesaid rolls and padding.

We passed the store where “my” tankini” was displayed.

“Go try it on,” said the Captain.

I nearly fainted. The man hates shopping.

But I was hot and sweaty and declined. Also, there were lots of people in the shop.

I went back after church the next morning. Still humming “Jesus, You have come to the seashore.”

Thinking how apt that was considering where I was spending the summer. And how I find Him in the evening breeze when I walk the water’s edge. The sand firm and cool beneath my feet. Little waves rippling.

The shop was empty. I was glad I’d waited but –

“my” tankini” was missing.”

I rushed inside. The sales lady was alone. No other customers.

I poured out my tale of woe. About “my” missing tankini.

“Oh no,” she said. “It’s still there.” She went outside and found it on another rack.

I tried it on. Asked her opinion. We both decided I looked good. Rolls and padding under control. Wrinkles hidden.

I bought it.

As women do we started chatting. About clothes. How we have favorites. If we buy something “out of the ordinary,” out of our “normal,” we just don’t’ wear it.

It sits in our closet until we give it away.

We talked about rolls and padding and what to do about it.

We talked and talked. No doubt I talked more but she was a good listener.

Finally other customers came in. I picked up my tankini, ready to leave.

And then she said –

“Let me give you a hug.”

I thought my heart would explode!

To find another spontaneous hugger.

Reaching out to a total stranger.

I hugged her back.

Asked her name.

“Janet, she said. “My name is Janet.”

She made my Sunday.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. Go out there and hug a stranger. It might be the only hug they’ve had in a long time.


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