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Summer is a-comin’ and preparations underway for another season on the “high seas.”

My specific responsibility is to ensure clean towels, bed linen and duvets.

Those duvets. Outsize as befit –

  • A King Size Bed.

  • An Octopus Bed. (Thus named because it has eight sides.)

These duvets necessitate my annual trip to the local laundromat.

I straggled though the door. Peering over a mountain of fabric. Trailing, in spite of my best efforts, half a duvet behind me.

And lo and behold. What a beauteous sight!

A row of gleaming brand new industrial machines.

“Which one?” I begged.

The super-friendly attendant came from behind her little counter and led me to one of the largest monsters.

Gratefully I dumped my stuff.

Tootled over to the change machine.

$10.00 worth of quarters found me back at the waiting beast.

I stared helplessly at the controls.

The friendly attendant came over again.

“The $$ goes in there,” she said.

Of course.

I dropped 25c into the slot. And another.

“Oh,” she said “It’s stuck.”

It had gobbled up my money so it looked fine to me. But then again, what do I know?

She punched a little button and the monster barfed up my money. Two 25c coins.

This time she dropped in the first 25c.

And pushed the little button.

“Barf,” went the monster.

She dropped in the second 25c and said,

“Now it works.”

And with a deft move of hand that would bring tears of envy to a professional magician, made that first 25c disappear.

I didn’t say anything. So she obviously thought I hadn’t noticed.

I settled in near the door and thus was an unwilling audience to her conversation with some friends that dropped in.

Or maybe the conversation was for my benefit.

How to pay some bills and not others.

How to dispute a bill.

She’d paid a $10.00 bill but there were eight or so $20.00 bills waiting.

Money obviously was a huge issue.

But to steal 25c?

I always tip the laundromat attendants.

Just because.

I know I don’t need to.

But that day I debated on what I should do.

Keeping in mind that the 25c meant nothing me.

  • Call her out on it. (She would’ve denied it.)

  • Tell her I would’ve tipped her but now I won’t because….

  • Tip her anyway and walk away, not saying anything.

Right or wrong, I settled for #3.

The question that haunts me –

Did I do the right thing? Or was this a case of aiding and abetting plus rewarding bad behavior?

I’m such a wimp. Avoiding confrontation at all cost. Plus, she was considerably larger than me.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All.



Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

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