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Gen. 32:24

I’ve been low on POPP’s (Pockets of Perfect Peace) lately. And yes, I’ve not felt 100% but that’s never stopped my POPP’s before.

So what was wrong? Was I in need of some serious quiet time, soul searching and meditation? The answer was much simpler. All I needed was to stop ignoring that insistent little voice in my head saying –

“I gave you a gift and people to help you and now it’s My Time.”

Why have I been resisting the ever-increasing persistent nudges to make my blog a little more, to go a little deeper? Alternating with the usual levity, of course. POPP’s usually precedes funky humor….

I thought I needed to talk to someone but who? As I ran through a list of possibilities, suddenly there it was.

“Our dealing over the call of God should be kept exclusively between ourselves and Him.” (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest.)

Hmm. With no earthly help forthcoming, I found myself in a personal Jabbok moment. Not a nice place, by the way.

Was I scared of losing friends? No, my friends know who and what I am. Was I scared of losing followers/fans? No, they will either keep following or not. Then, what in Heaven’s Name was stopping me? I’ve been walking “The Walk,” but “Talking the Talk”, or in this case “Writing the Write,” was so much harder.

I didn’t want to run the risk of someone belittling or ridiculing this beautiful and intimate relationship that is my bottomless well of strength and joy, my inspiration, my foundation, my ship’s anchor plus that Hot Line to the Man Upstairs.

More about this religion/relationship issue later. At this point I’m still limping and weary from fighting a fight I could not win but resting thankfully and peacefully in a cocoon of a POPP.

Blessings and many Cyber Hugs to you all.

Isaiah 6:8

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