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“I’m trying to set down what it takes to be a good leader,” he said.

I thought of how desperately our world today needs good leaders and what a monumental lack of them there is.

“And what qualities would you look for in a leader?” I asked him.

“Someone who walks close to God. A prayerful person. One who has vision and can set other people’s hearts on fire. Someone who is master of himself but a servant of others. A humble person.”

“Someone who knows his own weakness and is therefore tolerant of the weakness of others. A person of courage who won’t be deflected from a true course by the threat of danger or opposition, or compromise his integrity to gain wealth or status or power. A person who can persevere doggedly when the going is difficult. A person who can hold tensions in a creative balance.”

“A person who knows what a mess he is and is willing to let the Spirit hover over his chaos and bring about a new creation.”

Lopez (St. Ignatius of Loyola) in conversation with Rachel.

Excerpt from the book “Just Call Me Lopez” by Margaret Silf.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All.


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