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I was in the throes of that final packing spree for a month abroad.

We all know books weigh a ton. Even paperbacks.

Decisions had to be made.

I narrowed it down to one devotional and one Bible.

Still heavy stuff.

“Why not buy a Bible for Kindle?” said the Captain.

Why not indeed!

Off I went to do some research.

Mostly positive reviews except one that said he had to keep rebooting his Kindle.

Well, I’d bought a new Kindle so figured I’d be safe.

I ordered a sample and downloaded it onto my Kindle.

Took one look.

Then another.

I missed the notes and sidebars. (I knew they were there somewhere but……)

I missed flipping pages.

I missed checking the maps and limited Concordance at the end while holding a finger in place where I’m reading.

I sat back.

Thought about it.

Turned off my Kindle.

And packed my Bible into my carry on.

A weight I happily carried.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All.



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