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Yes, I’m still hugging a stranger a day; in fact, I sometimes hug two or more a day to make up for those days I miss. No, I’m not getting tired of doing it so, why isn’t every post about a hug?

Because I am concerned that it will become “more of the same.” Not to me, every hug is special to me but to anyone following. Hence some of my scribblings are reflections, incidents, life lessons, so many stories to tell.

I therefore decided to do some thumbnail sketches of hugs that didn’t make it onto my website as full length stories. (It might though, in future…)

The Priestly Hug. A wonderful old visiting priest who, as I was trying to tell him about my “hug a stranger a day’ project, opened his arms and like a huge green bat (it was Ordinary time in the Catholic Church) enfolded me. It felt so good and safe.

Early Morning Hug behind Staples. Twentyish, slightly heavy, looking frazzled, who gave me the biggest smile ever as we hugged.

Kohl’s #1. As I stepped back post-hug, she stepped forward, reached out and said, “And I’ll hug you right back!”

Kohl’s #2. She looked grumpy so I took a chance and what do you know but her face split into huge smile followed by a bear hug and having completely misunderstood me, she said, “Oh honey, are you having a rough day? I love giving hugs.” And, rubbing my back, she told me she was on her way to visit a friend that was having a rough time. I wished her well and told her to make some tea.

Kohl’s #3. An onlooker appeared a little neglected, I thought, so I went over and hugged her as well to be told, “You are so sweet.”

Physical Therapist Office and in a hurry so no time for the normal preamble, I just said “May I hug you” which she did. Another elderly lady (that is, older than me), seated with a cane, said in heavily accented English, “Och, you know her from before?” I assured her that I didn’t but that I went around hugging strangers and she immediate reached out.

Church. A choir member had on the most gorgeous multi-colored  jacket. My eyes and my attention drifted between her and the good father. Church over I chased her down (our church is big and I sat halfway back) and managed to literally grab her by the “coat tails” as she disappeared into the back. A lovely conversation followed.

So many hugs, so many stories.

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