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I’m downer than down.

Memories of those who have gone before are swirling around in my waking moments. And in my sleep, they come as dreams.

The joy I should feel with the imminent birth of the Christ Child is nowhere to be found.

“Please, Lord, a mountain top moment?”

“Child, where are you right now?”

“Sitting in my car, waiting to go to a versa-tube exercise class.”

“What are you doing? Apart from talking to me?”

“Listening to a performance of A Masked Ball by Verdi on the car radio.”

“Right. We have a good start right there. Get yourself a mental shovel. A huge one. You will need it.”

“Now, start shoveling your blessings into a heap. We’ll start with your senses.”

  • “You can hear. You are presently doing something that brings you much pleasure. Listening to good music.”

  • “You can see. You drove yourself to this exercise class I’ve never heard of before.”

  • “Can you still taste the coffee you had this morning? And remember the smell? It was good, right?”

“Sure was Lord!”

“Four down. One to go. What was the first thing you did on waking?”

“I reached out and ruffled the hair on my little dog’s back.”


“It was soft and silky.”

“So, let’s do a quick check of your Five Senses. You can –

  • Hear;

  • See;

  • Taste;

  • Smell;

  • Touch/feel.”

“Now shovel these Five Blessings together to create a strong foundation.”

“Did you say you were waiting to go to an exercise class?”

“Yes Lord.”

“Shovel the blessings of health on to your foundation.”

“You have a car to drive? Add Independence.”

“A house to live in? A husband that loves you? Children? Grandchildren? Friends?”

“Shovel and shovel and shovel some more.”

“You have enough to eat and drink. You have shelter. You have a closet full of clothes.  (Most of which you don’t wear.)”

“Nobody is persecuting you because of your race, color, political persuasions, faith or gender. Or because you were born somewhere else. Or because you’re an immigrant.”

“My child, I think you’ve just shoveled yourself a mountain.

“Now, get on top of that mountain and let’s revisit your request at the start of our conversation.

Remember what you asked me?

“Lord, I’m badly in need of a mountain top moment.”

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.


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