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My thoughts spun in crazy circles as I stared down into the Volcano Masaya.

It was our last day in Nicaragua. The thought of saying goodbye to the family clouded the magnificence of the moment.

I see so little of them.

But that volcano.

No, it’s not extinct.

Just dormant.

“The last time it erupted was 200 years ago,” our guide tells us.

In that case, I figured, it was due any time now. I edged away carefully.

As if that would help should ‘now’ be the moment it decides to come to life….

It’s truly beautiful in a menacing way.

The water in the bottom lies too still. Not even a tiny ripple to remind you of the deep and hidden threat.

The walls show layer after layer of different colors. Testimony of a tumultuous life.

Scattered clouds overhead drift lazily across a clear blue sky.

At one end of the barrier a sign warns not to climb on the crumbling rocks.

I envisaged losing my footing and tumbling all the way down and down and down and no way back up. Swallowed by the still waters.

“They did human sacrifice here.”


I turned to our guide.

“Yes.” He nodded. “Many years ago.”

I walked away and climbed a few steps to the highest point.

Stood on the edge.

And allowed my thoughts to drift with the clouds.

Human Sacrifice.

Living dangerously.

Standing on that edge.

How often do we live like that?

  • Dangerously.

  • On the edge.

  • Of a dormant volcano.

  • Stepping over the crumbling rocks in our life.

  • Not knowing when it all could change in the blink of an eye.

Is it worth it?

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.

May all your volcanoes be extinct.


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