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It’s my quiet time. I’m ensconced in my morning happy chair. Watching the sunrise over the houses in the distance. Mesmerized by the gentle rippling of the water in the canal.

Then he arrives. My morning visitor. A tiny yellow breasted bird.

There are two somewhat scraggly looking crepe myrtle trees in front of the window and there he labors. Flitting from one branch to the next. Pecking away at heaven only knows what.

He leaves. Only to return after a couple of seconds to repeat the process. Again and again.

I don’t know what he finds to eat. And I don’t know where he goes. It’s the wrong time of the year to be feeding babies. Maybe he needs to take a short breather, perch on another tree and have the food settle before he collects more.

But what strikes me is his persistence. Little bits at a time. Over and over. Every morning. To keep going. To stay nourished.

And I find my lesson in watching him. I need that morning time with my Lord. Every morning. Even if rushed and I can only manage a quick prayer of thanksgiving and praise and intercession before the day claims my attention.

I need that time to keep going. To stay nourished.

Lamentations 3:22-23 

Glory and Praise to our Lord.

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

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