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Larger than life and un-stoppable, an ex-pat with a vision and a mission.

Lesole Z Maine. Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer was born in Sebokeng, South Africa. During Apartheid Maine studied Ballroom and Latin American Dance, but in 1996 was awarded a scholarship and went on to study Contemporary, Jazz, Afro-fusion, Modern, Ballet Jive, Hip-Hop and Traditional African Dance. After graduation, he was offered a position as a dancer and teacher with the company, but the Wide Yonder called and another ex-pat landed on the shores of the United States of America.

In 2003, he established what today is known as Lesole’s Dance Project,

a 501©(3) non-profit organization whose objective is to present high quality performances highlighting South African traditional dances, American Modern Dance and Afro-Fusion Dance.

Now enough of that – how was I fortunate enough to trip across this young man? Sometime in July of 2015 I was in Chestertown MD and saw a flyer advertising an afternoon of South African Dance and Culture. I persuaded the Captain to stay another day and the rest is history. READ – CHANCE ENCOUNTER.

This is going to be short blog – I want to encourage all my faithful followers to go “You Tubing.” There are some lovely videos clips of Lesole and his group performing and interesting interviews with Lesole as well as some of the dancers. But before I go, I’m asking for help. (And he doesn’t know I’m doing this!)

LDP: Writing the Next Chapter

Lesole’s Dance Project seeks to raise $10,000 to fund the employment of a grant writer. These grants will support:

The enrichment of their mentorship program through travel to the St. Louis Dunham Conference and to South Africa for cultural education;

The general management of the company, a non-profit organization;

The expansion of community outreach through scholarships, mentorship and classes.

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