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For a number of reasons but mostly because it’s a time I take a very serious look at myself.

No, I don’t give up chocolate or coffee. It never works anyway.

But I try to slow down.

And be totally honest.

  • With myself.

  • With God.

No use trying to hide from Him anyway.

But Lent is around the corner and I’m not ready!

Ash Wednesday is on Valentine’s Day?!

What’s with that!

I’d been planning to dwell on Jesus’ childhood years. Reminisce on His growing up.

Mull over that no-no of staying behind in Jerusalem at age twelve and sending poor Mary into a hissy fit.

But I’m too late. Partly because I’ve been in that Fallow Field.

And partly because for days I’ve been asking, no begging,

“Lord, what do You want of me!”

When the answer finally came during a sleepless night (too many of those as one age), it was not what I’d expected.

“I want you to stop writing.”


I thought this is what I was led to do.

But experience has taught me that God often talks in riddles.

So I waited.

For clarification.

It finally came after a nail-biting, head-scratching couple of days.

Not a comfortable period of time coupled with that Fallow Field.

I always look for something to write about. In everything I read, see, hear or experience.

I’d start reading a book, a devotional or Bible verse and something would catch my attention.

Bible study goes out the window. I grab pen and paper and start writing.

Or off I go to the computer to do some research.

  • Devotional.

  • Quiet time.

  • Forgotten as I feverishly scribble away.

No, I don’t believe the Good Lord wants me to stop writing.

I believe He wants me to rest in Him first.

THEN I write.

But Lent is coming and my Jesus is still in swaddling clothes.

Cyber hugs All. Many blessings. I hope you will walk my Lenten Road with me.


Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash

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