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A Worker’s Prayer

My Lord, Jesus Christ

I offer You, this day,

all my work, my hopes and struggles, 

my joys and sorrows.

Grant me, and all my fellow workers,

the grace to think like You,

to work with You,

and to live in You.

Help me to love You with all my heart,

and to serve You with all my strength.

Lord, Jesus Christ, Carpenter of Nazareth,

You were a worker as I am.

Give me, and all workers, the privilege

To work as You did,

so that everything we do

will be to the greater glory of God,

and the benefit of our fellow men.

May Your kingdom come into our offices,

our factories and shops,

into our homes and into our streets.

Give us this day a living wage,

so that we may be able to keep Your law.

May we earn it without envy or injustice.

To us who labor and are heavily burdened,

send speedily

the refreshment of Your love.

May we never sin against You.

Show us Your way to work,

and when our work here is done,

may we, with all our fellow workers,

rest in peace.


‐‐The Father Gilbert Prayer Book © 1965

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