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I hoped I’d helped here and there through my stream of conscious thought ramblings.

But I realize I’ve come to help myself.

  • I’ve had to face old demons.

  • And mistakes.

  • Bloopers and blunders.

Even if I didn’t transcribe all those thoughts into words and then sent them into cyberspace, I dredged them up.

  • Confronted them.

  • Wrestled with them.

  • Made peace with them. (Mostly!)

I’ve tried to attend Bible Study a number of times.

And except for one solitary Sunday, came away dissatisfied and irritated.

Maybe I’ve not found the right group.

More likely the fault is mine.

Regardless of the Why and the How,

It has forced me to read and study on my own.

More and more so as I committed my thoughts and meditations to paper. I mean to Cyberspace!

And I’m grateful.

I’ve tried, in a small way, to give others food for thought.

In return I did not receive food for thought.

I received a sumptuous banquet for thought.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings all. May your table overflow!


Photo by Alison Stevens on Unsplash

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