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I’m so in the end of the day mode.

And mood.

I wish –

  • I were on a lonely, desolate desert island.

  • Watching the sunset.

  • Toes wriggling in the sand.

  • Catching those last rays.

  • Small waves rippling nearby.

  • An evening breezing caressing my face.

(I’m really a master of clichés when I get going!)

Reality is –

  • Feeding the dogs.

  • Being sociable and friendly.

  • Chatting to people walking by.

  • The Captain bringing cocktails, also ready for a chat.

If I can’t have that desert island, I’d like to sit quietly with a book. Or an intricate knitting pattern that transports me into a different world.

This conundrum taxes me every evening at five o’clock.

I recall my quiet time that morning.

There are facets of His way we rarely recognize.

There’s a reason I’m in this place at this time right now.

How I handle the present shows the growth (or NO growth) of the inner me.

Yes, it’s a test.

Am I passing or failing?

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. May you always pass with flying colors and streaming banners.


Photo from: Pexels.


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