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Summer in the Chesapeake was drawing to its end. I’d tried to fit in last minute yoga and pilates classes, mostly unsuccessfully.

I was also trying to see friends I’ve managed to miss all summer long

Thus it happened that we arranged to meet at a restaurant in a central spot for both parties.

We were early (as usual, the Captain can’t stand being on time) and sat down, discussing the wine list. (Of course.)  My gaze and thoughts wandered away as I checked my surroundings. Mostly couples, here and there four at a table, a couple of ladies, the usual mix.

Our friends arrived and dinner and conversation flowed. To be interrupted by a soft touch on my shoulder.  

I turned around. And there was this lovely young woman, a total stranger. She apologized profusely but, wait for this –

She had to compliment me on my haircut. And how well it suited me!

The Captain told her I was seventy four which brought about another compliment.

What was a woman to do?

Well this woman got up, asked if I could hug her, and her friend, dished out my May I Hug You cards and sat down, feeling as if I’d won the lottery.

If this is how good it feels to have a stranger compliment you, I should do it far more often.



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