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Encounter in a coffee shop

I’d arranged to meet a friend for lunch and being of the over-cautious variety, had allowed extra time in case of an accident, a flat tire, something falling out of the sky a la Chicken Little, a stray dog on the road, a runaway donkey and who knows what else.

As usual nothing more exciting happened than five red traffic lights in a row (how do they do that!) and I was early. As usual.

So I took to one of my favorite pastimes, people watching. And as always, one stood out. I watched her for a while as she struggled to reach the coffee display on the top shelf.

Black leggings, silvery light grey T-shirt, medium grey long jacket with an uneven edge, ballet flats, blond hair up in one of these messy top knots that should look untidy but doesn’t…

It was more than I could stand so I ambled over, tapped her on the shoulder and asked: “How do you do it? How do you put together an ensemble like this and look like a million dollars and when I try it I look like a tart?”

After much mirth the ensuing conversation was both serious and sad. Already honored that she’d share with me, a total stranger, my chest swelled beyond that of The Grinch on Christmas Day when she said, “I feel so much better. It was fated that I’d meet you today.”

Hugs, of course, and we went our separate ways.


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