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I was fast asleep. Dead to the world. Having a wonderful time with Morpheus. Thus the harsh, shrill alarm was most unwelcome. My initial reaction one of “what the……..?”  Then the dreaded words:


Followed by a description of the car, time, location.

The second one of the night. I sank back into bed but sleep had fled. Somewhere a parent was distraught. A mother, a father or both.  Maybe it was a custody battle. That’s bad but the alternative, not knowing who took your child, where they were, the horror of imagining what was happening, their fear, that was unthinkable.

My mind went to my grandchildren. Safe in bed. Loved cherished.

I ask all who read this to give your child, or children and grandchildren if they’re around, an extra hug today. From me, for you and all the children out there, tons and tons of Cyber Hugs. And blessings to follow!

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