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Monday 12/26/16

I’m writing this while waiting for a flight to take us to Florida. I’m excited to go home and start our 2017 adventures on Final Fling; I’m looking forward to seeing my dogs; I’m even looking forward to the madhouse that will be Tuesday as we prepare to leave, sleeping on the boat Tuesday night, listening to the water lapping the hull, waking early Wednesday to greet a sunrise as we make our way south on the Intra Coastal.

And yet, and yet, every year it gets harder to say goodbye to the family. The bouncy baby that was Danielle now is a senior, much too pretty for grandma’s peace of mind and preparing for college. Meghan, tall, blond, heartbreakingly lookalike to another beautiful young woman no longer with us and a nurturer since her first request for a nurses’ outfit and first aid kit at age four.

Michael (whose birth I witnessed) shares a birthday with my one brother and replaced another who passed away the same day, thus very close to my heart. So smart he skipped a grade and is investing in the stock market and making money. Baby John just turned ten and oh please, can he stay ten for a while? So different to his siblings but his own loveable person.

Chris and Emy. I share Chris with his birth mother (thanks Kathy!) but have never been made to feel like a stepmother. I love him as if he was my own son.

Finally, my daughter-in-law, Emy. Beautiful, gorgeous, smart, capable, there might be mothers as good (unlikely…) but definitely not better. She’s the mother I never was and the daughter I wish I had. I’ve settled for daughter-in-law, I call her friend and treasure the time we spend together.

So, in the Afterglow of Christmas, I say goodbye. Wanting to leave, not wanting to say goodbye. Thus, “tot weersiens,” stay safe, stay well, until next time.

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