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Staring at the top of the mountain.

Those mountain top moments. How glorious they are.

But at some point you have to come down from your lofty perch and deal with the riff-raff and realities in the valley.

How you long for a Mountain Top Moment.

  • You beg the Lord.

  • You do everything right.

  • You sincerely practice the Fruits of the Spirit and –

Nothing. As in squat. Not even a glimmer of a Mountain Top Moment.

What is one to do?

You try even harder. Bring out the Heavy guns.

  • Meditation.

  • Fasting.

  • Horrors upon horrors. You even go to church and timidly sneak into a pew at the back.

  • If Catholic, you brave reconciliation and then blame the poor priest if you don’t exit the confessional floating on a cloud of euphoria.

But maybe the Mountain Top Moment will come tomorrow.

You give it a day.

And get all stressed out while you wait.

Nothing happens.

You decide it’s just so much hocus pocus. Starting with practicing the Fruits of the Spirit and ending with a trip to the Confessional.

But you are wrong.

So terribly, sadly wrong.

Those Mountain Top Moments are not yours to command. They are flashing beacons. Moments of pure happiness you are blessed to experience.

No, your life is down in the valley with the riff-raff and reality.

And that is where your strength is tried and tested and honed to handle the Earthly Journey called Life.

So it is good to remember that a mountain doesn’t start at the top and develop downwards.

A mountain starts at the bottom. And regardless of how it got started, it needs a strong foundation.

  • To weather storms.

  • Erosion.

  • Wind and rain.

  • Hail and snow.

  • Lightning strikes.

  • Blizzards and earthquakes.

  • It might have to live as a volcano.

Yes, it would not survive without a strong foundation.

Psalm 87 takes on new meaning. Link

“His foundation is in the Holy Mountain.”

Sit at the foot of the mountain. Be a foundation. For your life. For other lives.

Maybe the Mountain Top Moment you are creating won’t be yours.

Maybe you are creating it for someone else.

Maybe someone who needs it more than you do.

And that’s okay as well.

From the Foot of the Mountain,

“where I sit in silence waiting for Him to come and sit awhile with me…..”

I send Cyber hugs and blessings.


Photo Credit Wikipedia Commons/Dirk Beyer

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