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I’m trying to get into the Christmas Spirit.

I shouldn’t have to try.

As a Christian it should be a given.

All the signs are there.

  • The Salvation Army Red Kettle and Bell Ringer.

  • The decorated trees.

  • The inevitable “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.

  • The crowds.

  • Pushing and shoving.

  • Lack of parking space.

  • On a more cheerful note, the Advent Wreath and Candles in Church.

Oh yes, Christmas is coming.

But I don’t feel it. I’m running on empty.

I try the “counting my blessings” thing. And yes, I’m grateful. Very grateful. But I still don’t have “the feeling.”

It’s a chilly morning for Florida. I’m ensconced in my Morning Happy Chair.

Across the canal the big blue heron resembles an old man who has spent a lifetime at a computer. Shrunk into himself. No neck showing as he hunches up against the cold.

Briefly he stretches out as he sees movement in the water. It’s only a leaf. He sinks back into his neck.


I ask myself why I, who have everything, can be so deflated? Why this super attack of the “blahs” in the middle of this joyous season?

It’s not rocket science.

Once again, I’ve allowed the world and its problems, specifically this beautiful country of ours with middle school behavior and name calling from our politicians and lawmakers, to cloud my vision. Affect my mood.

Once again, I’ve forgotten Who is really in control.

And so, I raise my voice in song.

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