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I thought of this a week ago as I struggled to do a Pilates roll-up.

I’d been dreaming about getting back to my favorite form of exercise.

And there I was!

I couldn’t do this most basic exercise. Without struggling and modifications.

Even worse was to come.

I needed help from my instructor. A pint-size dynamo who looks like a swimsuit model.


So, no.

You can’t always do what you’re dreaming of. The dream might need modification.

  • Sometimes you must downsize. It was with a heavy heart that I gave up kickboxing and step aerobics. Well, maybe not so much the step. My knees told me it was time.

But there was Pilates and Yoga and the pool. Weight training. Free weights (yummy) and bands. All kinds of good stuff.

  • Sometimes you have up size. Challenge yourself. I was flat on my back the day after my embarrassing performance in Jenni’s Pilates Studio.  Working on that roll-up.

The pups thought it was a new game and got onto my stomach. The weight of the dogs actually helped. The Captain looked on. Refrained from commenting. Wise man.

Thoughts crowded my mind as I struggled. Concentrating on my breathing.

I knew I could this. I had to persevere.

And the same goes for our daily life. It might not be easy but if we work at it we can get rid of –

  • bad habits.

  • bad language.

  • bad friends.

Maybe we have a need that demands fulfillment.

Maybe we are carrying a weight for which we don’t have the strength.

Maybe we are in a struggle to overcome something.

And we dream of fulfillment and strength and overcoming.

Maybe we need to down size. Maybe we need to upsize.

Either way we need to work on that dream.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. May all your dreams be possible.


Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

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