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I’ve been struggling –

  • Trying to change my writing voice (after I took ages to find it!)

  • Trying to create a new identity (or something like that.)

Newsflash. I gave up.

I tried to write something meaningful. Deeply philosophical. Gave it lots and lots of mind-numbing thought.

Teeth grinding followed.

I got up and took a walk.

Knitted for a while.

Read for a while.

Brushed the dogs.

Made another cup of coffee.

Took out the Blue Goose (my kayak) and communicated with Nature.

Took photos of an abandoned boat hut.

Sat in my kayak watching the play of water.

Stared at the moving clouds.

Closed my eyes, enjoying the hot sun on my back.

And realized,


I can’t change how I write. Improve, yes. Change, no.

I can’t change what I write. It comes from within. It’s “me,” I’m putting out there.

As long as I “harm no one” I’m good.

Either people will like it. Or not.

Maybe some online magazine will pick up on it. Or not.

But fundamentally I can’t change.

It would come across as artificial. It would be artificial.

In a way it reminds me of Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. He’s walking through a cornfield and a voice says –

“If you build it, they will come.”

Thus, if I write, those who need to, want to, will find me. If on Medium, they will clap or not. (I can already taste that Starbucks!)

Still, I looked for a definite answer. Something more concrete than a movie or my “feelings.” I found it in Oswald Chambers.

“When we are confused, we know the reason lies in the state of our mind.”

He continues,

“Simplicity is the secret to see things clearly.”

I’m reminded, forcefully, of why I started writing. I know that somewhere someone’s load is a little lighter, their smile a little wider, their step a little bouncier, their world a little better –

All because they’ve read what I wrote.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. Go out there and do your thing. Your special branch of love that only you can give.

Matthew 5:16 Let your Light so shine..

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