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There it was, a gorgeous, brightly colored, fully grown coral snake stretched across the narrow walk to the house, its head raised, flattened and ready to strike.

This was serious. Louie, the poodle, is hyper and always walks six feet in front of me. Mikhail, the Lhasa is laidback and always walks six feet behind me. Louie had gone ahead, as always, luckily stepping over and not on the snake and was now waiting at the front door.

I couldn’t call him back, the snake was waiting. I couldn’t try and sneak past the snake as (a) no space and (b) Mikhail is a hunter and this would’ve been too much for him to resist

There I was. Stuck in the middle. I yelled. And yelled. And yelled. Until finally the Captain heard me. From there it went something like this.

Me: “Open the garage and get Mikhail into the house. Then open the front door and call Louie inside.”

Him: “Why?”

Me: “Because there’s a @#!**$&! Coral snake in the path.”

Commotion as he does as I asked and I also enter via the garage.

Me: “Leave the snake.”

Him: “What? Never! It’s a coral snake. They are deadly.”

Me, muttering under my breath. “No s…. Sherlock, whatever.”

I was still thanking my guardian angel when the Captain reappeared, wielding a hammer and looking inordinately pleased. Hunter home from the hunt.

Me: “Where’s the body?”

Him: “Oh, he slithered away under the shrubs but I whacked him hard, twice, on the head.”

I stared. “So he’s not dead?”

Him: “No, but he will be.”

Color me speechless, but only for a second or so. “Don’t you know how to kill a snake? You take a spade and decapitate him!”

The Captain didn’t say anything and I turned away, shuddering at the thought of him bending down to whack the snake. Who might or might not be dead.

As always, there’s the lesson. How often do we flirt with danger? How often do we get close to sin and manage to escape? And will we be lucky the next time? Better to take the spade that is God’s Word and decapitate that snake, rendering it harmless.

I’m sure, back in the Garden of Eden, if Eve had had a hammer when she realized the grief/harm/damage the snake had caused; she would’ve whacked him on the head. At least twice.  After which Adam, if he’d had a spade, would’ve finished him off. Or maybe Adam would’ve used the hammer and Eve the spade.

Gen. 3:4-5

Cyber Hugs and Cyber Blessings All.

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