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I’ve always been quite proud of the fact that I’m not judgmental.

But lately, in the current political climate, I found it impossible not to judge and criticize.

The best thing to do, I decided, was not to voice my opinions. Unsaid it couldn’t do any harm or upset someone of a different mindset. Thus, I shoved the whole issue into the archives of my mind. Tucked away nice and tidy.

The weirdest thing happened next. Normally, when I look at someone, all I see is a person. I don’t “see” sex, color, size, race, freaky, normal, crazy or anything else humanity can assume.

But suddenly I found myself with a critical mindset of my fellow- run- of- the -mill human beings. A most unpleasant sensation. I thought that puppy was under control. Training him had been quite a chore.

My beloved Oswald Chambers next kicked my rear end. I quote –

“In the spiritual domain nothing is accomplished by criticism. The effect of criticism is a dividing up of the powers of the one criticized.”

I substituted “spiritual domain” with thought process/mindset.

Well damn. Double damn.

I immediately set about house-training this puppy once again. I’m happy to say that I’m slowly finding my way back. Last week I impulsively grabbed a rather large lady (in an ill-fitting dress and with a crazy hairstyle) and gave her a hug.

The “Why thank you honey” in a smoke-roughened voice put wings on my feet and a huge smile on my face as I left.

Thank heaven muscle has memory. So has the mind. I’m grateful to almost be back where I want to be.

Confession time. Sometimes I need to vent without fear of being misunderstood. Or starting some crazy heated dialogue on Facebook. Or misinterpreted.

And that I can.

Sea gulls, ducks, sparrows, crows, ospreys, fish, trees , shrubs and wild flowers are good listeners. Unfortunately there are no pelicans this far north.

And there’s always The Man Upstairs.

Cyber Hugs and blessings all.


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