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I’m somewhere in the middle on a very taut wire.

Some are rejoicing, and some are weeping.

And then, there’s me. In the middle.

Some are throwing verbal stones, forgetting that you cannot take back the spoken word.

Others are taking to Social Media. You can take those down but unfortunately the damage would’ve been done.

It’s out there. Lingering. Hurtful.

I have no words. Neither to speak nor to write. I’ve used them all up. I myself, am used up.

Reluctantly I go to church. My prayers for reason, consideration, human dignity, all smoke signals that got lost in a tornado of destruction.

I need peace.

I’m early and contrary to the usual silence I hear the hum of voices.

I slip into my favorite pew. Kneel. Close my eyes.

Allow the Rosary to flow over me. Calm me. It’s all going to be okay.

Remember Who is in control.

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