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I’m terrified of heights and was an embarrassment to myself when visiting the Grand Canyon. Everyone else would crowd close to the rails but I’d be cowering a few feet back.

I could not stare down into that abyss. It called, pulled and I knew I would listen and go over. Windows in high-rise buildings are fine as long as they are closed and I’m standing back.

Glass elevators are a no-no as are ski-lift gondolas swinging over chasms. Planes are fine and no, I can’t explain why.

Many years ago in South Africa, I had a Dutch friend that loved climbing on Table Mountain. Scared or not, I would follow Hans wherever he wanted to climb. Secured by a rope and harness, I would scramble up sheer rock, my eyes on his lanky form and never once thinking of looking down and facing a sheer drop and death should something go wrong.

You see, I trusted him. Completely. With my life. And when we finally got to the top, I would flop down on my tummy next to him and drink from one of the clear mountain streams. My day would be complete. In that moment I knew perfection.

Nowadays, my guide is not of this world. I’ve tried to visualize him/her/it but gave up. How do you visualize spirit?

But I know that I will follow wherever He will lead.

Cyber Hugs all and many blessings.


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