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I was deep in thought.

Pondering my next masterpiece.

Crafting perfect sentences.

Checking grammar.

Chewing my mental pencil.

I registered a dull,


As the doors were closed with the air conditioning running (95 degrees outside), it was no more than a blip in my consciousness.

Then came the Captain’s voice, somewhat subdued.

“Love, can you come and help me, please?”

“Sure,” I chirped.

I took my time. Saved my work. Slipped on my sandals. Made my way down the steps.

And around the side of the boat.

Where I found the Captain.

Fully dressed.

Submerged up to his armpits.

Wedged between the swim platform and the dock.

I stated the obvious.

“You fell in.”

“Yes, he said.

“How?”  I asked.

“Well I was cleaning the side of the boat and kneeling in the kayak and it tipped.”

Anyone that has ever been in a kayak know how unstable they are.

Now the Captain carries some interesting “stuff” on his person.

All that “stuff” was in the water with him.

The obvious:

  • Phone.

  • Wallet.

  • Pen.


  • Business cards.

  • Pieces of paper. With notes on them. Lots and lots and lots of those.

  • A recipe for scalloped oysters. (Ehhh???)

He passed his wallet.

Put one foot on a prop and climbed out. Resembling a drowned rat.

I didn’t dare ask if I could take a photo…

“Why didn’t you put on a swim suit?” I asked.

“Well I didn’t plan on falling in.” he said.

Reasonable answer, I guess.

The money in his wallet was spread out on the bed to dry. The notes are now a little crinkly on the edges.

The pieces of paper got a long overdue clean out of sorts. Once dry they were folded and went back into his pocket. The recipe as well.

The phone, wonder of wonders, work perfectly. One high five for Samsung.

He got back in the kayak the following day.

Wearing a swimsuit.

I guess the lesson is not to be over-confident in your abilities.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. Maybe a good old dunking in the river is what we all need.

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