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Did You Know That Holding Back a Reply Can Be a Holy Moment

There was a pile of small books next to the church bulletin. I glimpsed at it and smiled at the title.

In bold print, it declared –

Holy Moments

I have more books on my to-read list than I could read in my ever-shortening lifetime. But it was such a small book.

“How much?” I asked as I picked up a book.

“Oh, they are free; take one for a friend as well.”

I took one, declining the offer of more. It’s sad that my friends are spread worldwide, and few of them churchgoers. My BFF would’ve picked one up at her church.

Holy Moments went home and settled next to my computer. I had many errands to do before we left for summer in Upstate New York.


Holy Moments went upstate NY and settled next to my bed. And glared at me accusingly as I flipped through other bedtime reading or scrolled through my Kindle.

I caved. There’s only so much guilt I can handle.

Holy Moments, and I now have a standing nighttime appointment. I read a few pages, then close the little book and think.

I have learned not to think of my Morning Time with God as the only Holy Moment in the day. That’s the big one. Sacrosanct.


Holy Moments throughout the day

I have learned that showing someone how to work the washing machine in the marina is a Holy Moment. Why? Because it was an unselfish thing I did, which I did not need to do.

I have learned that helping to clean the washrooms is a Holy Moment. Once again, an unselfish gesture.

I’ve learned that allowing the small kids to pet my 5lb teacup poodle and listen as they recount stories about their dogs are Holy Moments.

I’m only halfway through the book, and it’s slow going as I read every word, every example. The writer tells of his older son, who did not like donuts, wanting to stop and buy some for his little brother, who loved them.

That was a Holy Moment in the older boy’s life.

Kelly, the author, explains how those tiny Holy Moments can change your life.

If you are grumpy on rising and snap at other people, try to smile and be nice. Right there, you have a Holy Moment.

Encourage someone. Be patient when you want to scream. Pay for the person’s coffee behind you in line. Say thank you to the barista. Stand up for what you believe in. Pray for someone having a hard day.

Holy Moments times six right there!

I can’t wait to share the rest of the book, but I want to sneak in a secret.


I’ve been applying this Holy Moment concept to my marriage. I’m a loner by nature and value and treasure silence and, yes, being left to myself.

Before, when I was in my particular zone or bubble, and my loved one would interrupt, I’d gnash my teeth and come back with a less-than-civil –

“Do you want to talk to me?”
Which is rude, assuming he would not have interrupted if he didn’t want to talk to me.

Now, I summon patience, take a deep breath, and create a Holy Moment by giving him my full attention.

Is it easy? No. But it will become easier as I practice.

Living life this way, trying to create Holy Moments all the time, will breathe new life into your life, whether it be your career, a relationship, your marriage, or any venture you are involved with.

I will be back with more Holy Moments once I’ve read the whole book. I checked, but it was a promo at our church and not for resale.

But a-sleuthin’ I discovered that the author has a YouTube channel as well as a blog site.

So, if you are interested –

For the blog:

Until next time, keep working on those Holy Moments!