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“You’ve been awfully quiet lately, Lord,” I muttered under my breath. “Where are you?”

No answer. No thought or bright idea came to mind.

I stopped. Stared over the still, early water of the marina. Damp grass and clean washed sidewalks from last night’s late and mercifully short thunderstorm.

Once again wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing?

Am I reaching anyone?

A lone runner came past. Waved hello.

Another dog walker approached. We chatted briefly. She held her dog on a short leash. Told me he’s prone to cussing and she hates that.

I continued on my way. Smiling. I’ve never thought of that growling, snarling macho Alpha Dog World War III scenario as cussing.

But the image was vivid.

Mikhail was flagging. He’s aging and since his back surgery can’t walk like times gone by. Even that lovely plume of a tail no longer waves as vigorously as it used to.

I got back to the boat.

Washed his paws. No telling what’s between those toes or clinging to those furry feet. I don’t want it on the boat.

Made coffee.

Sat down at my computer.

Opened my e-mail.

Not expecting anything more than same old, same old.

Ready to go delete, delete, delete.

And there it was! An unexpected e-mail from my mentor, LK Fletcher.

Thanking me for sharing.

Saying lovely things.

Telling me she always reads my posts.

My heart is full.

I’m grateful.

For this shining gem that brightened my day.

Thank you, Lord. I’m sorry I doubted that You are around.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. You don’t have to look too hard, methinks. The Lord is hiding in plain sight!

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