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I wasn’t too chipper when I woke.

But the remedy was at hand.


Shorts, T-shirt, bathroom visit and off I went, fur babies in tow.

It was a beautiful morning. Ahead of the heat.

I turned off the main road into the development where I walk every morning. Been doing that for three years now whenever we visit this marina.

The pups trotted along merrily.

I stopped to admire the geese having their morning boardroom meeting next to the pond.

Stopped again to admire the view from the bridge over the pond.

Breathed deep.

Enjoyed the silence. (Another story there.)

Allowed the peace to settle in my mind.

I turned over the issues that are bothering me and decided they really weren’t that important.

Examined myself and decided to pull up my big girl panties.

In the distance a lady was walking her dog A young and rambunctious German Shephard.

We’d met yesterday. She had a hard time controlling her dog. Barking and jumping and pulling at his/her leash.

I didn’t think the dog aggressive. It looked like a puppy making a “I want to come over and play” kind of barking.

My youngest has a hard time with the heat so we soon turned back.

Nearly at the exit to the road I heard –

“Hey you!”

I turned around.

The lady and her dog were not far behind us. Once again, her pup was throwing a hissy fit.

“Can you read?” she said.

I looked up the sign.

To the best of my knowledge, as a boater docked in the marina, I could walk here.

“Do you live here?” she continued.

“No,” I said.

“You can’t be here. There’s a nice path over there.”

I had no idea where “there” was. And I wasn’t going to ask!

As I walked away she yells,

“Get out of here.”

A great calm descended on me as I headed back to the marina.

I felt sorry for her. She was having a hard time controlling her dog.  Who obviously had a problem.

I checked with the marina.

No, I was absolutely entitled to walk there. The marina owned two houses and eighteen plots in that development. I should tell her to contact the marina manager if she had an issue.

Armed with this knowledge I set out the following morning.

Met up with the same lady.

She was upset.



Wouldn’t let me get in a word.

I allowed her to vent.

And when she ran out of steam, politely asked,

“Ma’am, may I please say something?”

I don’t know whether it was my manner, my tone of voice, my choice of words or my non-confrontational attitude but the situation changed in a heartbeat.

Her dog calmed down and so did she.

We had a lovely conversation about dogs. Hers was a rescue. She was concerned about his behavior with other dogs.

I told her mine were rescues as well. And told her I once owned a German Shepherd who would sit on the pool steps when it was hot.

We apologized back and forth. She for being mean the previous day. I for waving hello and setting off her dog the previous day.

Tedious explanations of all kinds followed on both sides.

We parted friends. I’m going to see if I can arrange a coffee morning WITHOUT our dogs. I’s sure it will be fun. And I have the strange feeling that we have a lot in common apart from dogs.

Wherever I go, “I trust my behavior reflects what I believe, my closeness to Christ, my commitment, my obedience. “(NKJV)

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. Remember,

Proverbs 15:1 A Gentle Answer Turns Away Wrath 

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