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“May I Hug You” was born on a hot and sunny day a little over two years ago.

Until then it had been a collection of short experiences committed to Facebook.

Of how I was going around hugging total strangers. After asking permission, of course!

That was Phase One.

It would’ve stayed right there if a midwife had not come along.

It was an easy birth, technologically speaking. My baby had a midwife that streamlined her entry into the cruel world of the Internet.

Problems came when the midwife went home to get on with her own life.

I was left “holding the baby.”

It didn’t take long for things to go wrong. My baby developed ailments way beyond my woeful efforts and abilities with domains and websites and all kinds of things I’d never heard of.

My midwife came to the rescue. Nursed my baby back to health. And advised I get a VA.

Until then the only VA I’d heard of was the Veterans Administration.

Too embarrassed to admit my ignorance, I googled VA. And discovered the existence of something called a Virtual Assistant.

Oh yes. I needed me one of those!

Safire entered my world. She’s as beautiful as she is patient and kind and smart.

I think of her as a nanny to my website baby.

Thus, I sat reminiscing.

My midwife had led me to birth

Next, she’d led me to my day-to-day nanny.

Yes, I was led.

From Facebook to a website and beyond.

The next thought was inevitable.

How has May I Hug You led someone/anyone in the past two years?

Has it led someone to –

  • Cry;

  • Laugh;

  • Meditate;

  • Reminisce;

  • Remember;

  • Pray;

  • Realize things aren’t that bad;

  • Realize how much there is to be grateful for;

  • Taught appreciation for the basics – food, shelter, good health.

Even helped someone that was in a dark place?

I’ll never know.

I can only hope.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.


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