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It’s late afternoon. The sun is setting, trailing golden fingers spiked with fuchsia tinted nails.

The breeze has died down. Leaving a balmy evening with no need for a jacket.

I’ve been writing all day and my brain feels like left over spaghetti. Or worse.

I took a short walk up the road. Chatted to a neighbor. Watched the dogs playing tag in the grass.

Back home I settle in to my afternoon chair. A good book (my present addiction is Bruno, Chief of Police Series by Martin Walker. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book, due out July 2018.)

The series combine my love of France, the French countryside, French cooking and those characters only found in small villages. Where they don’t mind you practicing your French on their unsuspecting ears.

The Captain brings me a glass of my favorite red wine. The pups spread out around my feet. Content with full tummies.

Briefly my peace is shattered as the Captain turns on the television and finds the History Channel.

Tonight I don’t even want that.

So I find my trusty and ancient iPod. Beethoven’s 5th announces itself.

Aahh…. I drag “Bruno” closer.

Now where was I?

I’m content. If I can’t have silence, Beethoven is a good second choice.

There’s much to be said in favor of the state of contentment.

Happiness so often depends on what is happening around us. And to us.

But Contentment?

Contentment you can create with so little effort.

Often it just means shutting out the world and going within.

Where it’s still……………

Cyber hugs and blessings all. Silence is the most powerful sound of all.



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