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I have a new computer.

An eleven inch Lenovo Yoga 710.

With Windows 10.


This love affair is not going well.

  • Lenovo pulls.

  • I push.

  • Lenovo changes something

  • I change it back.

  • Lenovo files something somewhere.

  • I spend hours looking for it.

  • Lenovo suddenly introduces something new.

  • I mumble and grumble and wonder what the heck I’d touched by accident to cause this misery.

Then again, maybe it’s Windows 10?

Either way,

  • Lenovo sends a tutorial.

  • Windows 10 sends a welcome. And a tutorial.

I’ve yet to read either. After all, I’ve only had the computer four weeks.

I don’t like computers. As repeatedly said before.

And I believe, like sewing machines, computers don’t like me.

But I can’t do what I do without a computer.

However, when I place my sorry rear end in that chair at the computer, I want to do what I have to do and be done.

I don’t want to spend time on tutorials.

I’m having a wonderful whine fest here.

My mind drifted, as always, somewhere else.

  • That new relationship.

  • A new love.

Getting to know him/her.

He/she can do nothing wrong.

You are bathed in silvery dew drops.

You walk on a magical path, created by filtered sunlight through tree tops.

Your entire day consists of sunrise and sunset and beautiful music.

You’re barely alive until you’re with him/her again.

You can’t breathe when you first see him/her.

Then your world is complete.

And you tell yourself that nothing, but NOTHING will ever change.

You start a life together.

Small irritations and idiosyncrasies remain just that.


The years go by.

The small things are not so small anymore.

And have been joined by bigger issues to deal with.

  • Money.

  • Work.

  • Kids.

  • Alcohol.

  • Drugs.

The dew drops have dried up.

The canopy of leaves in the treetops have become solid.

The filtered sun can no longer fights its way through.

The magical path is strewn with thorns and rocks.

Dark clouds obscure those sunsets and sunrises.

The music is gone.

It’s just another day.

Enter a third person into this dying dream.

The dream sputters.

Maybe even tries to come back to life once or twice.

Then, nothing.

All I ask of anyone that is there or has been there,

Remember the Good.

Don’t dwell on the bad.

Remember “Getting to know you.”

Then wipe your tears, tuck the memories away, and start over again.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. I love you.



Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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