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When you’re somewhere you don’t want to be. And have to do something you don’t want to do.

That’s when your real character shows.

It could be as simple as landing in an impromptu dinner group where you don’t feel like eating or socializing but there you are. For at least a couple of hours.

Remember that rock concert you got talked into attending?

How about that end of year company dinner/dance?

Or New Year’s Eve?

Iceberg lettuce with a slice of limp cucumber and a cherry tomato followed by chicken breast and overcooked veggies followed by a slice of cake followed by coffee.

The music starts. A signal to the end of all and any conversation.

All you want is a quiet spot. Some conversation. Or not.

You just want to be somewhere else.

Like this past summer.

It has been unpleasant. (That’s a euphemism.)

Hot and humid. The worst summer I’ve known in all our years of boating.

It was relentless. Never ending. Day after day after day.

I didn’t want to be here.

I didn’t want to be on a boat.

I wanted to be home in my lovely airconditioned house with cool tiled floors.

My good mood had gone south. A long time ago. I wished I could follow.

My temper was restrained with fraying lines tied to the shore of my sanity. Threatening to break loose.

I needed help big time.

I had to abandon my lofty perch and deal with it. My plea was a simple one.

“I need help, God. I need help to pull up my big girl panties. And I need to pull them up RIGHT NOW.”

It’s never instantaneous. Rather, it comes as an inner relaxation and calm that spread until it manifests in my outward behavior.

I’m always grateful. Sometime or other it will happen again.

Again, I will cry out.

Again, as always, help will come.

Poor old Zacchaeus came to mind when Jesus spotted him up that tree. Luke 19:1-9

He really didn’t want to be up that tree. He’d much rather have been one of the crowd. Invisible.

But he wanted to see Jesus. So up the tree he went.

But he didn’t want to be noticed. Heck no! He just wanted to see this Man from Nazareth that he’d heard so much about for himself.

So, he crouched in between the leaves and branches and peeked out cautiously.

Imagine his chagrin, his surprise, his fear when our Lord looked up (and I swear He was smiling) and said:

“Zacchaeus, get your hiney out of that tree right now. I’m coming for dinner.”

(My translation I know. But I like it.)

The thought arises –

How many times have we –

  • Thought ourselves invisible to Christ.

  • Too insignificant to matter to Christ.

  • Maybe peeked inside a church and then hightailed it in the opposite direction.

Maybe, like Zachariah we should get down from our tree and go and have supper with our Lord. But this time,

In His House.

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All.


Photo Credit Min Thein

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