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There, I think that covers everyone!

MAY I HUG YOU has passed it “use by date.”

It is time to hit the pause button, step back and regroup.

It has been a great and grand ride. Starting with my –

  • Adventures of Hugging a Stranger a Day;

  • Morphing into something deeper after my Jabbok Moment;

  • Continuing into all manner of stories.

Some were deep, some not. Some written to encourage. Some to reflect. Some to amuse. Some, well, just because.

But I’m tired. With MAY I HUG YOU I carry a responsibility. At least, I feel as if I do.

I will no longer be publishing new stories in MAY I HUG YOU.

The website will eventually become dormant, an Old Lady taking a well-deserved rest.

Instead I will be writing on a platform called MEDIUM.

None of the responsibility of having to produce three times a week. And the possibility, if I’m very good and work very hard, to establish a Starbucks Fund.

I can write as much or as little as I want.

The publications on Medium do not accept previously published articles. And I do not need the pressure to continuously produce new stories in two places.

The link to Medium will appear on Facebook and on MAY I HUG YOU. Click on it and the story will open in the Medium website.

Once there, you have an opportunity to “cheer” me on.

There will be a small icon of clapping hands on the upper left-hand side.

Hold it down and the figures will add up. Maximum of fifty claps per story. So please clap away!

There’s also a small box below the story where you can respond. Please do. I will respond back.

Here is where I, unapologetically, ask for your e-mail address.

In the top left-hand corner on my MAY I HUG YOU home page there’s a small screen. Please complete that.

I do not have a grand giveaway to offer you in return for your e-mail address. I plan on a monthly newsletter and some of my personal photos.

It’s an opportunity to stay in touch. If you want. Hopefully in time to come, there’s that book screaming to get out.


It will take a while to set everything up. In the meantime, I’ll publish stuff from long ago while I work on streamlining my new venture.

My writing has evolved in ways I never thought possible. I still see lessons everywhere.

Some I choose to write about. Others not so much.

I write more “from the heart.” At times. Not always.

I dig deep into seventy-five years of living.

And I don’t always like what comes to the surface.

A final confession: I want more ME time.

  • For Bible Study.

  • For gardening.

  • For knitting.

  • For reading.

  • For exercise.

  • For taking out my kayak and enjoying the solitude and healing that Nature brings.

Finally, please bear with me while I sort out the gremlins which, no doubt, will appear.


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