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My body, that is.

Yup, two in one.

I’m shorter, tighter, stronger on my left side.

I’m loosie goosey and flexible on my right.

I lean left but walk “heavier” on the right.

Otherwise I’d probably fall over to the left.

This mess only becomes an issue when I try to ride a bike.

I can’t.

The only way I can avoid falling off to the left is to gently apply brakes on the right.

All the time.

Now add the fact that my right hip is higher, and the left side of my torso rotates clockwise.

No, I don’t resemble the proverbial drunken sailor stumbling along. Years and years of exercise and fitness have taught me to unconsciously “center” my body.

“You have a beautiful posture,” a stranger remarked the other day.

I smiled graciously and thanked her.

Yup, only a trained professional, especially those of the Pilates and Yoga variety, would pick up that two people inhabit this one body.

It is of the utmost importance (don’t I sound just like one of our politicians?) that these two people work together.

It affects my entire life if I’m out of whack.

Right now, I hurt. It starts in my left foot, travels up the left side of my body to my shoulder and then radiates down my left arm right into my hand and fingers.

Partly self-inflicted. I did something stupid. I knew exactly when that upper left arm was trying to do more than it could/should.

But I didn’t stop. No, not me….

I can’t wait for that yoga class to get back into one body, albeit it temporary.

And as I sat massaging and stretching those painful muscles, I had a revelation.

The Battle in the Physical Me also exists in the Spiritual Me.

There’s the “good” part that always wants to do good, think good, be good. Strong, tight, even righteous.

Then there’s the loosie goosey “oh, what the hell, it won’t hurt anyone, nobody knows or will know” part of me. Romans 7:19 For I do not do the good I want to do.

I need to work daily, no, it’s often a minute by minute task to get these two spiritual halves blended into one semi-acceptable entity.

It takes –

  • Patience.

  • Forgiveness.

  • Prayer.

  • The Eucharist.

  • Love – lots of the unconditional variety.

My faith is the room when I work out.

Love is the mat I work on.

My God is my Personal Trainer.

1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love …

 but the greatest of these is love. …

Hugs and Blessings All. Let Love rule your life.


Pexels – Active cyclists.

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