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Ever thought what those nasty sneaking little thoughts of self-doubt about your body really are? “You’re ugly; you’re fat” and so on.

That would be Old Nick, aka the devil and all his henchmen marching in wearing spiky boots. I’ve been there; in fact I’m there right now. I’ve developed that wonderful aging body, the hourglass waist relentlessly disappearing while an unwelcome, unwanted layer of blubber has positioned itself on my belly.

Ladies of a certain age will understand. Suddenly that tummy roll, muffin top and sagging breasts appear, everything going south, becoming such an issue it clouds your common sense. Some days are worse than others and actually affect the way you behave.

And Old Nick is rolling around laughing. Score card? One to the devil.

Can how we feel about ourselves and our bad behavior because of that emotional turmoil separate us from the love of God? Not in all eternity.

Let’s take it to a deeper level. We are distressed about our family, our friends, the treatment of immigrants, health care, the environment, the protection of our wild life, (my turtles!!) good heavens; we are super distressed about our beloved country. (Read: Why do you worry so?)

Yes, we should do our bit where we can but none of the stuff that is driving us bonkers could separate us from the love of the One that really matters. We should ride these issues like a champion surfer rides a monster wave, and always remember –

Romans 8:37 “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.”

Let’s kick Old Nick to the curb and work towards joining the saints when they go marching in.


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