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That phrase played a refrain in my mind as I dragged two unwilling dogs on their early morning walk.

It had every promise of being another steaming hot, humid and miserable day.

The pups like their walks in cool and crisp weather. So do I.

Six thirty a.m. and already my skin was clammy and sticky. At least I’m wearing shorts. The pups are in fur coats.

I’d rather be sitting on an air-conditioned boat with a cold drink but –

“For better or for worse,”

I wanted those dogs and they have to be walked. Regardless of the weather.

I had to deal with an over-heated dog a couple of days ago. Upset tummy, barfing, all of it not so pleasant. Especially on a boat.

He only recovered fully once I wrapped him in cold wet towels and brought his body temperature down. Yup,

“For better or for worse.”

My mind drifted to where that phrase really belongs.

Our marriage vows.

And how easily we give up when we hit the “for worse” part.

No, I don’t mean we should condone and accept abuse and the bad stuff. And sometimes, think addiction, we’ve tried, and it was futile.

But often, too often maybe, it just required some “work.” Far be it from me to pontificate on what that “work” might entail. I failed miserably the first time around and succeeded, just, the second time.

Yay me!

And off went my tumble-dryer mind!

How lucky we are that God looks at us and “For better or for worse,” He sticks around.

Regardless of –

  • how often we mess up;

  • by going off and do our “own” thing;

  • or being unfaithful;

  • or ungrateful;

When we say –

  • “I’m sorry.”

  • “I’ll honestly try not to do that again.”

  • “I’ll try and do better, I really will.”

  • “Please forgive me.”

He opens his arms, smiles and says,

“You are forgiven.”

Yes, “for better or for worse” we are his children.

And death won’t part us. That’s the best bit of all. Death will bring us into His presence.

What an absolutely marvelous thought!

Cyber hugs and Blessings All.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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