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It was Exodus that got me going this morning.

Exodus 33:11

“So the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.”

  • We tweet.

  • We twitter.

  • We text.

  • We e-mail.

  • We Facebook message.

  • We What’s App.

And, GASP! Sometimes we even pick up the phone and call.

All wonderful stuff available to reach those far away.

But there’s absolutely nothing that beats sitting down with a friend.

Face to face.

For a good old-fashioned chin wag.

With a cup of tea or coffee. A glass of wine. Or water. Or nothing.

And talk. Please note, not gossip.

About us. Our families. Our children. Our friends. The world. Our leaders.

  • Our hopes.

  • Our fears.

  • Our failures.

  • Our successes.

We bounce ideas off each other.

We ask advice.

We look for affirmation.

Finally we come away, glowing with contentment.

Yup, nothing beats a cozy chat.

My friends are scattered over three continents. Cozy chats are far and few between and it takes major planning to make it happen. I rely heavily on modern technology.

And am grateful it’s available.

However, when I need to communicate with the Man Upstairs, it’s so easy. It just takes a thought.

“Lord, are you there?”

“Always. What’s up?”

And I pour out my heart. My concerns. About family and more. About the mess the world is in.

Or maybe just that one single issue that’s at stake for me right then.

He might not answer right away but I know He’s listening.

And I feel better.

My burden is shared.

One day we’ll meet face to face.

I know.

But for now –

Just think of Him and He’ll be there.


Photo by Robert Nyman on Unsplash

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