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I could also say –

A Fond Farewell to the Yellow Submarine.

I’m a car lover.

The Captain’s loves boats.

And thereby hangs my tale.

Of how this ill-matched love affair between cars and boats played out in our life.

For my 70th birthday I was presented with a bright yellow Corvette with a black drop top.

How I loved that car! It made me feel young again when I cruised along, top down, sunglasses a la Audrey Hepburn, breeze in my face.

One day, in traffic, my enjoyment ratcheted way up.  A twenty-something hunk in a big ole’ truck rolled down his window and shouted,

“Lady, you make that car look good!”

Oh yes, that car did wonders for my self-esteem. And I love the way the engine growled on acceleration. And the impatient “thup-thup-thup” when we waited at a traffic light.

But for months on end while we boated, my Yellow Submarine sat in the garage back home. Lonely. Not used.

Even when we were home I was apt to grab the family car sitting in the drive. Faster than maneuvering out of the garage.

Finally, there was the ever-present fear of a scratch on the shining surface of my baby. Thus, I’d park far away from other cars and my actual destination and hoof it the rest of the way.

No, it didn’t make any sense to have $$ tied up in a car that one didn’t use.

Enter the Captain. And his boat. His pride and joy –

Final Fling (hah!)

A fifty-foot Viking Motor Yacht. A grand old lady of twenty-eight years. Beautifully kept. Beautifully Maintained.

Except for the stabilizers.

We discovered they hadn’t been serviced in fifteen years. It’s supposed to be done every two to three years.

Now why would one need stabilizers, you ask?

Imagine being in rough water (which I detest). Plus, you have a dog that gets seasick.

Those stabilizers that prevent side to side rolling are a God send. It makes for a much more pleasant trip.

Final Fling’s stabilizers didn’t work.


And to service them would cost a pretty penny.

Says the Captain one sunset afternoon as we’re sipping cocktails –

“Do you mind if we sell the Corvette? And fix the stabilizers on Final Fling?”

No, I didn’t mind. Well, maybe a little.

I’ve been married to this man for close on thirty-eight years. He would find some way to fetch me the moon if I wanted it. I’ve learnt to be careful about making comments such as “I like that,” or “Wouldn’t that be nice?

And for a couple of years now we’ve spent more time on the boat than at home.

Thus, we sold the Yellow Submarine and fixed the stabilizers on Final Fling.

My Captain.

My equalizer. My stabilizer in life.

Second only to that Great Equalizer, Stabilizer, Rock to which I cling.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All. Take care of what matters and stay close to the Rock way up in the Sky.


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