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I’d been to T.J. Max.

For sheets.

Not any old sheet.

No, huge flat sheets. Outsize king size flat sheets.  To make a fitted bottom sheet for THAT bed.

I didn’t find any and I was running late.

Four shops down and two still to go.

Beetling down the aisle something jumped out and grabbed me.

Yes, it did.

A wraparound skirt that would do very nicely with my present boating lifestyle,

I took a closer look.

And nearly fainted when the skirt revealed a pair of shorts sewn into the waistband.

It was undeniably, without a shred of doubt – a pair of –  wait for it –


I hail from the era of Love and Peace and Flowers in your Hair.

Twiggy reigned supreme.

Mini skirts in geometric patterns.

Anything goes haircuts and kohl rimmed eyes.

Super tight jeans, flowing skirts and peasant blouses.

Bare feet and platform shoes.

And, wait for it, HOT PANTS!

My set was royal purple. Worn with a crisp white shirt.

You could me see me coming a mile off. (Another story there…)

And I wore it with all the panache of a sassy twenty something year old.

Oh the bravado of youth!

My dress style changed as the seasons did and I matured.

  • There was the “mom” phase.

  • There was the “stay at home” phase.

  • There was the “living in a cold climate” phase.

  • There was the “living in a hot climate” phase.

And so on.

Then came the “back to work” phase.

Tailored pants and shirts and jackets. And a “two-sided” compliment I fondly recall. A young male co-worker telling me –

“I hope when my wife gets to your age she dresses like you.”

Well yes.

But back to the present.

I was pondering on the return of hot pants. While searching in the Concordance for something on forgiveness.

Multi-tasking at its best, right?

Yup, I was having a really hard time with that 70 x 7 thingy.  Matthew 18:21-22

But there was worse to come.

The search in the Concordance (New King James Version) brought me to Col. 3:13.

“As Christ forgave you, so you also must do.”

And the nifty little sidebar/study guide was headed –

“Put on your spiritual clothing daily.”

“How,” I asked, “how?”

Well, with the Holy Spirit as our “wardrobe manager”, we clothe ourselves with –

  • Tender mercies;

  • Kindness;

  • Humility;

  • Meekness;

  • Longsuffering;

  • Love.

The one that really stuck was “longsuffering.”

In my case quite accurately to be translated as “sulking.”

And after a sleepless night I reached for the phone.

Life is short.

And no, I didn’t buy that wrap around skirt. I wonder if it’s still there………

Cyber Hugs and Blessings All. May your dreams be sweet.


Photo by on Unsplash

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