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Or a tortoise or a turkey or a tarantula, a timber wolf or even a Tasmanian Devil. No teeter-tottering unless your teeter-totter can stop in that perfect place.

(Sorry, had a silly moment there and just couldn’t resist!)


You need balance to be a successful teeter-totterrer.

To be stuck on the ground is frustrating. Humiliating.

To be stuck in the air is scary. Dangerous.

You don’t know whether you’re King Arthur or Mordred. Guinevere or Merlin.  Lancelot or Gawain. (Yes’ I’m a fan…)

You’re over-doing things. You’re over-thinking things. You’re not dispensing your time wisely. You’re irritated. Tired. Making bad decisions.

And that brings me full circle to a Bible Study Group where I saw the light. Funny things, Bible Study Groups.

We were discussing Matthew 4:1-11 and Jesus being tempted in the desert. And which of the three temptations would’ve been the hardest for us to resist.

  • Turning rocks into bread;

  • Jumping off the temple roof;

  • Bow down and worship Satan.

No problem rejecting the second and third. But the first? Without even thinking, it would be rocks turned to bread for me. I’m not a big eater but don’t handle being hungry very well. I get grouchy, headachy, the whole litany.

The discussion got back to temptations in general. And how relentlessly, in small ways, the devil attacks. You don’t notice it. He’s clever. He’s persistent. He’s insidious. He nibbles away like a rat on a piece of cheese. He’s a –


How did that chocolate chip cookie become the whole box?

Or that mini chocolate éclair stuffed with custard become six (that would be me.)

And that slice of pie turn into consuming the whole thing?

How did that smiling flirtation with that cute co-worker end up as an overnight when there’s someone waiting at home?

What did you try and prove to whom when attempting a 10K run when you’d only trained for a 5K?

And then I had a revelation. (I have these sudden revelations.)

When did my scribbling hobby turn into an attempt to jump off the temple roof or bow to the god of popularity and success?

I’d started commenting on Facebook. It developed into a blog. I now publish on two websites.

It was never supposed to be anything more than a hobby that hopefully helped some people.

Where did I lose track and get out of balance? Trying to write more; trying to master that dreaded and hated technology; not having enough hours in the day before I collapse; no longer pursuing my other much loved pastimes.

  • Reading for pleasure;

  • Knitting or cross-stitch;

  • Studying my beloved French;

  • Listening to music;

  • Swimming;

  • Kayaking (okay, this one didn’t really get neglected……)

Was I subconsciously succumbing to “I want to be successful and widely read?” Rather than “I hope I help even one person with my writing.”

Those nudges. Taking one more course. Learning more about technology. I was gently, ever so gently being pushed out of balance.

Didn’t I say the devil was a Sneaky Bastard?

I don’t know how it happened but I’m glad I finally recognized the danger signs.

I was way out of balance. Into the scary zone. Where I’m tired and grouchy.

Reality welcomed me back with open arms. I’m teeter-tottering right where I should be. And happy to be a (Read) Tadpole.

Cyber hugs and blessings all.  And do check your own teeter-totter. Just saying…

(Photo by Erin Hesselink on Unsplash)

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