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We, as in the Captain and I, belong to an organization called MTOA. Marine Trawlers Owners’ Organization.

We are a motley crew. Mostly retirees. All manner of boats. Not only trawlers.

And it’s a huge national conglomeration! At last count 2000 members and growing.

We have a quarterly magazine called Turtle Times published by incredible people. Or maybe they were just crazy to take this on.

Yours truly pens a column called Sunshine and Tears for said publication.

The title says it all. I write about all things joyful; all things sad.

And so it came about that I was informed that one of our members had been admitted to Hospice Care.

Hospice. The destination of no return.

I did not know the family personally.

It was pretty reckless of me to pick up the phone and call his wife.

But something made me do it.

And I’m so glad I did.

She’s a lovely woman. She shared with me that her husband loved France. That he’d been to visit often. That he loved classical music.

With her consent I sent him an e-card with music by Debussy. And again.

Then Bach and a snippet of a Brandenburg Concerto.

My next salvo was going to be Tchaikovsky.

But he passed away peacefully in his sleep before I could do that.

I’m glad I did what I did. Had I thought about it and hummed and hawed and gone out to buy a snail mail card, well, it would’ve been too late.

To quote Oswald Chambers –

“In looking back, we cannot tell why we did certain things. We did them according to the spontaneous nature of His love in us.”

Cyber hugs and blessings All. Reach out. Every opportunity you get.


Photo by Lukasz-lada-2 on Unsplash.

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