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The boating life is not an endless parade of glorious sunsets and moonlit nights, sunrises and calm waters, sunny days and dolphins frolicking. It has its “dark” moments and these usually happen at extremely inconvenient times. So come with me as on a beautiful day, cruising along, seagulls following in our wake hoping for some churned up fish, flocks of pelicans fishing up ahead, me warbling away, happy as can be and just short of a POPP aka Pocket of Perfect Peace, I made my way down from the flybridge to brew some coffee for the Captain.

I stepped onto the full floor rug at the galley entrance and sank a good inch. For a couple of seconds I didn’t move, staring down at my cold wet feet, refusing to face reality. Somewhere, something was leaking. A lot. It happened after we left that morning, so nothing we can do about it, until we dock again.

Damage survey revealed that the cupboard under the kitchen sink was flooded; the full-floor rug (brand new, I had it installed in April), was soaked from where I’d stepped, stretching forward in line with the kitchen sink, right up to the lounge window. To get to the cause of the flooding, the Captain had to pull out the stove and crawl into the available space this created. (Should’ve taken a picture.)

Quote: “between the hot water tank and kitchen faucet there’s a plastic waterline with compressions fittings. Part of the compressions fittings (think girdles) is a gripper that grips the waterline and after a period of time, (think getting old) the vibrations (woot-woot!) cause the gripper to wear a groove (yah man!) in the waterline and when that gets large enough…..” Unquote That was the Captain trying to explain to me what had happened.

That was the Captain trying to explain to me what had happened. Whatever.

There was water. Everywhere. Mostly under my new rug. Anyone remembers I Love Lucy and the scene where she lifts her skirt, steps into a barrel full of grapes and stomps around on the grapes to make wine? Well that was me. I commandeered every towel on the boat (and we have lots), folded them into thick squares, placed them on the afflicted portions and did something resembling a cross between Lucy and an African Tribal Dance routine (had to bring in my heritage.)

When the damp seeped through and my toes got wet, into the dryer (yes, thank you Lord, I have a dryer on board) the towels went and the next set of towels was pushed into service…

The Captain’s easy chair (heavier than hell), his cane bookrack (wet on the bottom), my keyboard (and if I’d been practicing my feet would’ve felt the wet), the center coffee table, the dogs’ baskets, everything had to be moved. The lounge looked like the day before the Creation.

This carried on all afternoon. It’s still damp and will take a long time to dry completely. The lounge still is a mess and my fan is angled at one spot at a time, pathetically trying to assist in the drying.

So no, the boating life is not all “ups.” It has “downs.” Lots of them. The Captain always says a true boater (as opposed to someone who owns a boat), can at any given time name at least 10 things wrong on his boat.

Well, the First Mate, aka Me, can at given time add 10 things more…..

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