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Somewhere. Anywhere. Begging to Come Out.

· There was the Mills and Boone phase out of the U.K. Hearts and Flowers. Gentle romances that didn’t make one wrap the book cover in brown paper when reading in public.

“This,” I thought, “this I can do.”

Hah! Anyone who thinks sweet and gentle romances are easy to write and be published is living on Planet Dream On.

Harlequin was born in the States. Same results as its older sister out of the U.K.

· There was the Memoir Phase. Until I realized that most of my memories really should stay private.

· Along came the Historical Novel. I got so caught up in the details of the history bits that it ended up like another history book.

· But I could do Non-Fiction, couldn’t I? So many things interest me. Which one should I pick!

I’m the Queen of Procrastination.

I got older.


I’m sitting on the aft deck of our boat with that first cup of coffee. Made by the love of my life. (Most of the times.)

That dream has been haunting me lately.

I scroll through my phone. Looking for my various Devotionals.

Click on Watched a short clip from the movie “God’s Mighty Servant.”

“Lord, grant me compassion that moves to action.”

· I can’t take off to be a missionary somewhere. I’m too old. I’ll be a liability, not a help.

· I can’t lead a demonstration. (Same reasons.)

· I can’t run for office in anything. (Maybe a Knitting Club.)

So, what can I do?

· I donate to various causes to the best of my ability and means.

· I pray. Without ceasing.

· And I write. And write. And write. Trying to keep it positive.

It’s so little. But better than nothing.

And I think. Or brood.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m to gather my stories of joy and heartbreak, lessons learnt and more.

Maybe, just maybe, this is where the dream of that book still inside of me comes to fruition.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

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