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I have a Personal Trainer.

His name is Dave.

He is a lovely man with saintly qualities.

Considering what he deals with on a daily basis.

Like me.

I believe my balance is pretty good.

  • Considering my age.

  • My wonky knee.

  • Tendency to fall off a bike (moving and stationary.)

  • Lifelong fitness fanatic. (translate into beaten up body.)

Thus, when Dave one morning waved me over to what he called a Balance Board, I smirked.

“No problem,” I said.

To the unenlightened –

A Balance Board looks like a small skate board. No wheels.

This one is 23 ½” long and 11” wide.

It rests on a fulcrum that’s 11” long and 2 ¼” wide.

It’s designed to embarrass.

Dave explained.

I had to rock side to side until I got the feel of it. And when I did, I had to look at the tree outside the window and try to balance.

Mountain pose in yoga is one of the few things I did master.

I smirked again.

  • And stepped on.

  • Full of confidence.

  • Rocked side to side.

  • Looked and eyeballed that tree right outside the window.

  • And balanced.


“Don’t worry,” said Dave. “You’ll never balance for ten seconds. Just do it for as long as you can.”


Of course I can do this!


But I am getting better.

A little.


Bent knees.

Arms out sideways.

Arms out forward.

Arms up.

Rear end out.

Read end in.

Lean a little to the right.

Lean a little to the left.

Heck, I’ve even tried reaching out behind me in a sort of flight pose.

Wondering if there’s a principle of aerodynamics I could call on. As if I know something about aerodyamics.

And try to remember the most important thing.

To keep my eyes fixed on that immovable upright tree trunk.

And off went my mind. Right in the middle of my struggles.

It doesn’t matter how much we wobble along Life’s Way.

If we keep our eyes on the One that is Unchangeable, Immovable, throughout the Ages.

Little by little we’ll make progress.

We’re human. We’ll never get there all the way.

But as we wobble to the left or the right, He’ll be there to get us back to the middle.

As for Dave? He never laughed. Hard to believe.

Cyber hugs and Blessings All.


Photo by KT on Unsplash

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