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Why oh why can’t I practice what I preach?

Why is it so easy to tell others what they should do but I can’t do it myself?

And what brought on this revelation on this fine morning?

As I sit here going deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole.

Alice in Wonderland has nothing on me.

I’m floundering, falling, stumbling, crawling, hopelessly tangled in a spiderweb of technology.

Didn’t I learn my lesson when my website was created?

What on earth makes me think anything has changed?

Right. Rant out of the way. For now.

  • I write because I love it.

  • I write because I sometimes have something to say.

  • I write even though I have nothing to say.

But I do not write to put food on the table.

That is very fortunate for everyone in this family.

We’d all die. Fast.

If I do make a little, it would be nice. Maybe even enough to buy a Starbucks.

I previously recounted how I was introduced to Medium. And met lots of new people.

The rabbit hole loomed. A huge one.

Instead of stepping back, I stepped forward. And in.

There it was. A whole new setup to master. There are answers to everything on their website and if all else fails, there’s a wonderful group that ANSWERS your query e-mail.

Ain’t that something?

So here I am. If I want to explore that Rabbit Hole, it means tangling with what I loathe.


And the fun of writing goes south.

I have no mentor in Medium. Neither do I have a Nanny to nurse my babies.

Nope, it’s me, the Rabbit Hole and Medium.

What am I going to do?

Cyber Hugs All. Steer clear of Rabbit Holes. Unless you feel brave.

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