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I’m good at some things, not so good at others and perfectly terrible at a few, like math.

But today I’m looking at something that I’m really good at, that I find easy to do and that always gives me great pleasure.


Now, apologizing for myself, something I’ve said or done is easy. But I will also apologize for stuff outside my control and not of my doing. (I’ll pass on our politicians….)

I was handed such an opportunity a few months ago. Cocktails on Final Fling (our floating condo), is a solemn ritual executed to perfection by the HTOT (Head of The Household.) The glass size, the amount of liquor, the lemon or lime, the amount of ice, the man is a master.

Cocktails at a bar or in a restaurant (unless it’s a glass or a bottle of wine), inevitably are a letdown. But we always smile and nod and agree “it’s not like home.”

But one evening the bar was just a little too low for the HTOH’s exacting standards. I must admit I’d never before been served a G&T in a huge plastic water glass (think Coca Cola) half filled with ice.

Here the curtain falls on the final act. I had nothing to do with it and wasn’t even around when the discussion took place. But I realized what had happened when a very upset young woman approached me.

So, the following morning I went to Starbucks and bought a $20.00 gift certificate. I went to the restaurant, found the young bartender, apologized for the previous evening, asked for a hug, slipped the envelope into her apron pocket, and left.

We’ve been back a few times. I always looked for her, giving her a tip or a hug and finally, when we were leaving, went back to say goodbye.

Damage Control – it’s so easy to say “I’m sorry.”

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