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It was the day before we were due to leave for a month abroad.

I lay in bed.

Wide awake.

Too early to get up

And agonized.

  • Did I pack enough? (Ehhh….)

  • Did I pack too much?  (Probably.)

  • Did I pack the right stuff?  (No.)

  • Did I pack the wrong stuff? (Yes.)

I no longer had the –

  • “whatever,”

  • anything goes,

  • I’ll wing it,

  • I’ll borrow/buy it,

attitude of my twenties.

I’m a staid seventy-four. I want to have the right clothes. For the right places. The right weather. At the right time.

As a Northern Floridian it’s dresses, shorts and skimpy tops in summer. Jeans, colorful leggings and a floppy sweater in winter.

I’d put a lot of thought into packing for this trip.

Thought myself into a cold panic.

An uncomfortable place to be.

And out of nowhere came the thought –

“Consider the lilies of the field.”

I calmed down.

Got up.

Found my Bible and the passage in Matthew 6:28.

It gave me what I needed.

It’s who I am.

What I am

How I behave.

How I live.

That matters.

Not how I dress.

Cyber hugs and many blessings all.


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