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Short and sweet. Migrating from ankle socks and lace up shoes to, oh joy!

Stockings and a suspender belt!

I’m serious! I’m a product of the boarding school system and the dress code was strict. School uniforms no shorter than four fingers above the knee, you were made to kneel on a table in front of the whole assembly and that will only happen to you once. You will never again roll up your skirt or hitch your gym slip to blouson over your belt.

Sunday best, well, when you “came of age” you could wear nylon stockings! (Pantyhose was far in the future, someone’s brain child). After fumbling a few times, you mastered a suspender belt and then friends would straighten those pesky seams until you wizened up and bought seamless stockings.

Somewhere in my final year of High School, I believe I owned my first step-in with suspenders. (Girdle to you Americans.) I had arrived; I now was a young woman.

Then, I spent years getting to Women’s Lib and nothing Constricting and Uncomfortable. Once again I had arrived – I was now my Own Woman.

What Goes Around Comes Around. Suspender belts and stockings are back with a vengeance and marketed as sexy….

Ehhh ………….What the hell…………

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